Working With Me

Addressing imbalances on all levels of health- body, mind and spirit, provides deeper more complete healing than working strictly with the physical. This often helps get to the actual root of disease and discomfort instead of chasing symptoms around. The holistic nature of herbalism allows it to bring relief to conditions that conventional medicine can struggle to resolve.

My job as an herbalist is to hold space for your healing, to witness your aches, pains, and traumas.  You share with me all about your body, feelings, pain, health and wellbeing in all its complex messiness and then I do my best to see the patterns from the outside.  I hold all of the pieces of the puzzle while you put them back together.  It is my job (and my joy) to see your perfect self- healthy and in balance- even if you can’t quite see it yet, create a path to get you back to that place, and then support you in walking down the path.  Honestly,  if you were to ask me to describe what I do in only one sentence, it would have to be, “I support people in healing themselves.”.

A consultation with me involves talking at length about your health history, current health concerns, diet and lifestyle. We will work together to come up with a realistic plan and attainable goals to get your health,wellbeing and spirit back in balance. Along with this wellness plan, I will make you a custom herbal tonic and provide other herbal and ritual suggestions. We will keep track of your healing progress and adjust your tonic at follow-up appointments. I schedule follow-up appointments for between two and six weeks, according to the severity of your condition.

I am happy to do integrative work with doctors or other healthcare providers you might have.

The deep nuance of herbal medicine gives it the ability to support people in healing themselves from a vast array of events and conditions, extending from the common cold to chronic digestive problems to painfully entrenched trauma. Herbal medicine can support people in healing on levels they did not know were possible. We are told many conditions are chronic or untreatable, and that we just have to learn to live with them.  Healing is possible, it’s about finding the right tools for the job and it’s here for you whenever you are ready.

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* I am not a medical doctor, therefore I do not diagnose or prescribe. I am an herbalist, and I work with you to resolve patterns of imbalance in you body, mind and spirit.