I have lived deep in the world of plants, people, and the magic that happens when they cross paths since I can remember.  Currently, I have the honor and joy of facilitating mutually beneficial interactions between plants and people professionally as a clinical herbalist.  My healing practice lives with me in Ashland, Oregon, and specializes in mental health, chronic illness, healing trauma and community care.


  In session, I use clinical herbalism, plant spirit medicine, nutrition and ritual to steward clients back to their health, vitality, center and sense of belonging within the natural world.

I believe that every person has the right to affordable, nonjudgmental, high quality health care regardless of their race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, relationship with addictive substances, or spiritual beliefs.

I believe that healing on an individual level can lead to healing on a community level can lead to collective liberation.

My herbal practice centers holistic wellness, dismantling oppressions, financial accessibility, harm reduction, personal empowerment, and client led nonjudgmental trauma informed care.

The work I do is grounded in a close relationship with the plants, mushrooms, animals, forests, stars, mountains, rivers and the healing power of our connection to the natural world.

I live in Ashland, Oregon, where the Cascade Range meets the Siskiyous. When I’m not seeing clients or making herbal medicine, I spend my time making art, doing magik, organizing for collective liberation, growing plants in my garden, tending wild plants in the forests, meadows and mountains and petting my cat.

My teachers are Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes of the Blue Otter School of Energetic Herbalism, Christa Sinadinos of the Northwest School of Botanical Studies, and Greta de la Montagne of Gentle Strength Botanicals.  My training is focused on western clinical herbalism, herbal first aid, energetic herbalism, plant spirit medicine and holistic nutrition. Along with my formal education and supervised clinical hours, I have years of experience in private practice.

I have worked in and organized temporary herbal clinics and have taught many a community herbal wellness workshop. I was a member of the Rosehip Street Medic Collective in Portland and am a satellite member of M.A.S.H.H. (medicine for activists seeking herbal healing).

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