Summer Special!!!!

Tell your friends and family!!! In honor of the coming summer solstice and opening a new office in Ashland, I am offering half off on your first follow-up appointment if you schedule an initial intake before July 21st.  This offer applies to in person and distance clients.  Get in touch to schedule your appointment today!


Connection is your birthright

This week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by acupuncturist and priestess, Allison Carr, as a part of her Sacred Wheel Immersion series.  We talk for 20 minutes about the woes of how living under capitalism severs our connection to nature/the wilds, how that then affects our health and wellbeing and how to start healing those wounds. I think it is so important for healers to talk about the many ways capitalism negatively impacts physical and mental health!!

Connection is your birthright: my interview with Allison Car

Tree Silhouette Against Starry Night Sky

Tree Silhouette Against Starry Night Sky — Image by © Robert Llewellyn/Corbis

Herb of the day: Ocotillo

The herb of the day is Ocotillo! The bark of this beautiful beast is so helpful in moving stagnant lymph especially when the bogginess is concentrated in the pelvis. When taken in 1-3 drop doses Ocotillo acts as psychic barb wire. It teaches us how to have healthy boundaries so we can live in the world with an open heart. It also makes an excellent fake mustache!IMG_7078IMG_7098

We moved to Ashland!

I am happy to announce that Wolf Star Herbs has moved to the lovely Ashland, Oregon!  My practice has found a home at the Ashland Holistic Health office and it’s a great fit.  I have also found a cute home for myself, at which I am busily putting so so many beautiful medicinal plants in the ground.  Much joy for plants and people alike! IMG_6542